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Dashboard AI


An American super platform that offers all-inclusive services to people and enterprises primarily in the hospitality and retail industry. We do so by connecting an individual to an order in a frictionless manner using NLP, AI, and ML. We currently host products and services such as the Poppins super app, Dashboard AI, and WineSource.



Grand Launch Media LLC

Multimedia and Film Production

Grand Launch Media is a multimedia company that is constantly up-to-date on the most modern and innovative content creation strategies, especially as they develop. We are more than a revenue (or profit) based company. We have a passion for what we do, the time to do it, and a genuine desire to produce compelling content to help grow your business.



HomeKey Systems, Inc.

We make homes intelligent.

HomeKey is a patent pending product that eliminates the hassles of home management so homeowners can make time for the things that matter most. From paint to flooring, fixtures and appliances, warranties and manuals, HomeKey gives homeowners immediate access to all their home’s details.



Lux Longboards

Lux Longboards adds adventure to peoples commute through our production of electric longboards that can go up to 30MPH. We are an electric longboard manufacture that believes in adventure and produces highly innovative products All Lux Longboards are equipped with ultra flexible battery packs that use the same battery technology found in Tesla Cars.



SignAll Technologies Inc.

Enabling spontaneous communication between the deaf and hearing via technology

SignAll is a deep tech startup company. SignAll has developed technology leveraging AI and computer vision that is able to recognize and translate sign language to be employed for both business and education. Based on the technology, two major products are being developed and offered.

SignAll Learn Lab is one-of-a-kind interactive system that provides immediate responses to users’ signing. It is used to automate sign language learning and practicing. SignAll Chat is the first and only system for automated translation between American Sign Language and English. SignAll Chat was created to increase accessibility for the D/deaf. SignAll Learn Lab allows and encourages hearing people to learn ASL, and therefore promotes accessibility and inclusion indirectly. Both products are already available on the market.

Among its use-cases are:

Employment for the D/deaf;
Services provided to the D/deaf in American Sign Language (ASL);
Communication with smart technologies like Alexa or Siri, smart homes, vending machines, or ASL-adjusted functions on smartphones.


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