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40 Below Joe

Food & Beverage

The vision for 40 Below Company is to establish an environment for continued innovation in food science and technology. 40 Below takes classic food and beverage items and elevates them into unique, novelty snacks using cryogenic technology.



ICT Tracker

Construction Technology Company

We are a B2B Construction Tech SaaS company. We enable construction teams to benchmark field installations and deliver comprehensive construction reporting for real-time visibility. Contractors are able to accurately track construction projects, control costs and make better decisions.




LittleBird builds resident experience technology for communities.

LittleBird is a team of driven, talented individuals focused on building world-class resident experience technology for communities with a specific focus on Smart Access, Smart Home, and Smart Community features.



Lux Longboards

Lux Longboards adds adventure to peoples commute through our production of electric longboards that can go up to 30MPH. We are an electric longboard manufacture that believes in adventure and produces highly innovative products All Lux Longboards are equipped with ultra flexible battery packs that use the same battery technology found in Tesla Cars.




We’re on a mission to transform the medical billing experience.

RexPay merges the worlds of technology and healthcare to solve patient and provider pain points in medical billing.

Patients experience ease and delight while managing and paying their medical bills. In turn, providers get faster patient payments, increased operational efficiency, and greater patient satisfaction.

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