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LittleBird builds resident experience technology for communities.

LittleBird is a team of driven, talented individuals focused on building world-class resident experience technology for communities with a specific focus on Smart Access, Smart Home, and Smart Community features.



Lux Longboards

Lux Longboards adds adventure to peoples commute through our production of electric longboards that can go up to 30MPH. We are an electric longboard manufacture that believes in adventure and produces highly innovative products All Lux Longboards are equipped with ultra flexible battery packs that use the same battery technology found in Tesla Cars.




Neon empowers businesses to convert their TV screens into powerful digital signage.


Nova Custom Engineering Designs LLC

We Build Your Dream

Nova CED engineers ideas into reality. We design and build our customers ideas into prototypes ready for the manufacturing process, and eventually to mass production.



Pengele LLC dba E6 Agency

Black Belt Solutions to Enterprise Data

Pengele LLC is a database dojo that offers black belt solutions for enterprise data within four core disciplines: database migration, database administration, data engineering, and data security.

Founded by Andrew Mora, Database Dojo is based on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training philosophies and operates like a martial arts dojo. Our team of developers and administrators revel in the constant challenge of mastering cutting edge platforms and software, building novel solutions, and learning directly from the ninjas of our industry. Our ninjas have all risen through the ranks, but we still train every day to keep our skills sharp and your data protected and available!

Over the past decade, we have developed a system of mastery within each of our disciplines and we have also created an integrated enterprise data ecosystem that unifies those disciplines. We’re proud to share our art with you so that together we can build a custom enterprise data solution that fits your business today and tomorrow.


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