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Track and own your consumer data while delighting them with immersive, connected experiences across all of their brand interactions.

With the help of Persosa’s patent-pending platform, brands can start to create connected experiences that immerse consumers in their brand. Not only that, it allows for more data capture and more in-depth consumer profiles. By connecting consumer media experiences, brands can start to actually listen to consumers, creating the foundation of a relationship built to last.

ERP Software


Qwick Inc.

Qwick is an on-demand staffing as a service platform that connects service industry professionals with food and beverage shifts in real-time.




We’re on a mission to transform the medical billing experience.

RexPay merges the worlds of technology and healthcare to solve patient and provider pain points in medical billing.

Patients experience ease and delight while managing and paying their medical bills. In turn, providers get faster patient payments, increased operational efficiency, and greater patient satisfaction.


Santa Calls Inc

Santa Calls

Santa Calls is a magical portal that immediately connects you to the North Pole for a video-chat with Santa.

Santa Calls makes Santa accessible beyond just the mall. Now Santa can visit you virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Santa Calls is downloadable in the app store and gives every child an opportunity to believe.



Schola, Inc.

The most powerful student recruitment system for PreK-12 Schools.

Schola is the most powerful student recruitment system for PreK-12 Schools. Schola does for schools what Yelp and Hubspot do for businesses - we help schools reach new interested families while automating the marketing and recruitment process.

For Parents, Schola works individually with families to find the right schools for their children through a school matching software and dedicated parent outreach team.


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