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Rivia Health

Automated Patient Payment Engagement

We’re on a mission to transform the medical billing experience.


Santa Calls Inc

Santa Calls

Santa Calls is a magical portal that immediately connects you to the North Pole for a video-chat with Santa.

Santa Calls makes Santa accessible beyond just the mall. Now Santa can visit you virtually from the comfort of your own home.

Santa Calls is downloadable in the app store and gives every child an opportunity to believe.



Schola, Inc.

The most powerful student recruitment system for PreK-12 Schools.

Schola is the most powerful student recruitment system for PreK-12 Schools. Schola does for schools what Yelp and Hubspot do for businesses - we help schools reach new interested families while automating the marketing and recruitment process.

For Parents, Schola works individually with families to find the right schools for their children through a school matching software and dedicated parent outreach team.



SignAll Technologies Inc.

Enabling spontaneous communication between the deaf and hearing via technology

SignAll is a deep tech startup company. SignAll has developed technology leveraging AI and computer vision that is able to recognize and translate sign language to be employed for both business and education. Based on the technology, two major products are being developed and offered.

SignAll Learn Lab is one-of-a-kind interactive system that provides immediate responses to users’ signing. It is used to automate sign language learning and practicing. SignAll Chat is the first and only system for automated translation between American Sign Language and English. SignAll Chat was created to increase accessibility for the D/deaf. SignAll Learn Lab allows and encourages hearing people to learn ASL, and therefore promotes accessibility and inclusion indirectly. Both products are already available on the market.

Among its use-cases are:

Employment for the D/deaf;
Services provided to the D/deaf in American Sign Language (ASL);
Communication with smart technologies like Alexa or Siri, smart homes, vending machines, or ASL-adjusted functions on smartphones.



Silent Sector, LLC

Expertise-Driven Cybersecurity

Silent Sector is a cybersecurity services firm of industry-leading experts bringing experience ranging from Fortune 500 companies to NASA and the U.S. Army Special Forces. We believe that protecting mid-market and emerging companies from cyber attacks is protecting the backbone of the American economy and our way of life. Our team is a seamless extension of the organizations we serve, providing a force multiplier for security departments and a complete solution for companies without in-house cybersecurity professionals. Silent Sector also provides risk assessments, penetration testing, compliance support, incident response, and other services for a proactive and resilient security posture.


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