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Helping Life-Changers impact more lives.

A new kind of service provider focused on simplifying business for schools, churches, and adult care providers through right-sized cloud, network, and security services.



Viva Brilhante


Youngblood Works

Big Ideas, Amazing People, Business Acceleration.

Collaborating with both the Grand Canyon University Innovation Center and Canyon Angels, Youngblood Works thrives in the world of B2B customer acquisition for early stage, A round, and Growth stage ventures on companies scaling from $0 – $25m ARR.

The reality is that getting a pre-chasm company off the ground is usually a dark and lonely place where both bags of money and dreams go to die. We guide you around these imminent obstacles.



ZorroSign, Inc.

A Secure Business Platform

ZorroSign is a Secure Business Platform (SBP) built ground up on a (patent pending) private permissions based blockchain. This platform enables businesses to go completely digital by transforming all their paper based, manual and/or semi digital transactions into what we call advanced Digital Transaction Management (DTM). By going completely digital, businesses can keep up with the fast pace of changing technology, comply with new security & privacy laws globally, all while saving the environment.


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