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40 Below Joe

Food & Beverage

The vision for 40 Below Company is to establish an environment for continued innovation in food science and technology. 40 Below takes classic food and beverage items and elevates them into unique, novelty snacks using cryogenic technology.




AlexMath gives the opportunity for children to achieve math above grade level online by completing assessment tests, classwork, and daily practice. Your child will build a solid math foundation by practicing AlexMath independently every day.




Cloud Strategy Elevated

Candor was founded on the belief that we live in a digital age that is wonderfully complex and provides a limitless ecosystem of possibilities. In doing so, we are a cloud solutions provider who helps clients turn ideas into solutions with services to build, deploy and manage applications - in the cloud, on-premises or at the edge.



Improving university and workforce retention by aligning investor interests with students, industry, and education.



Dashboard AI

By Poppins

Poppins is an American super platform that offers all-inclusive services to people and enterprises primarily in the hospitality and retail industry. We do so by connecting an individual to an order in a frictionless manner using NLP, AI, and ML. We currently host products and services such as the Poppins super app, Dashboard AI, and WineSource.


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